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Competitive Malta believes that national competitiveness is not only sustained from the public sector and the private industry, but also from areas that directly and indirectly contribute towards making Malta a special place.

In this respect, Competitive Malta, endorses and the work executed by a number of NGOs through a system of open dialogue and mutual support.

The NGOs affiliated with Competitive Malta are:

Nature Trust
Nature Trust (Malta) was officially launched by His Excellency the President of the Republic on Friday 8 January 1999 following the merger between the Society for the Study and Conservation of Nature (SSCN) founded 1962, Arbor founded 1983 and Verde founded 1997 and later in 2001 -Marine Life Care Group (MLCG).

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Din L’art Helwa

DIN L-ART HELWA is a non-governmental organisation with the aim of safeguarding the natural, historic and cultural environment of Malta and Gozo.

The association is a member of europa nostra, the european network of national heritage organisations and the international council of monuments and sites (malta), and is affiliated to the national trusts of england, wales and northern ireland, scotland, barbados and australia, as well as la fondation du patrimoine, the gelderland trust for historic houses and the gelderland trust for natural beauty.

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