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Why Malta?

Excellent location

Malta lies at the heart of the Mediterranean, a few hours' flight from most European cities and from North Africa. The advantage of living in Malta is that you can work and enjoy life to the full at the same time.

Malta has been a member of the European Union since May 2004, is politically stable and is strongly oriented towards the outside world. Malta is a signatory to many important international agreements, mainly in the economic and financial domains, but also with regard to maritime, transport and cultural matters.

Smart Workforce

The Maltese workforce is well-qualified, flexible and multilingual. The quality of education is high, which leads to high productivity and therefore lower unit costs. The majority of the Maltese population is fluent in Maltese, English and Italian, with the former two being both official languages. Although Mediterranean culture dominates the island, the place is fraught with relics of the British rule. The British governed Malta for over 150 years, and the British touch is still felt in small, charming habits like afternoon tea, driving on the left and bow windows. The locals are friendly, warm, lively and sometimes even noisy.
Smart for Investment

Pharmaceuticals, electronics, information communications technologies, agri-foods and precision engineering are just some of a number of sectors offering prolific investment opportunities. 

Acting as a bridge country, Malta is fast becoming a regional hub for dynamic financial services, i-gaming and back-office services.  An attractive package of incentives, including tax breaks, subsidised factory space, soft loans and rebates on training and employment costs is offered to investors interested in Malta. It has a comprehensive network of double taxation treaties, fiscal advantages in line with EU legislation, a growing professional class of highly trained and qualified individuals, a well-established cadre of professional advisors, and excellent electronic communications and flight connections.

Fun in the sun

There are very few countries that are so rich in history, spreading from the prehistoric era right up to the recent past. Yet, at the same time, Malta is also in many ways vibrant and modern. The climate is superb, and is especially ideal for yachting and sailing. Nightlife, romance, good food… in Malta, something is always happening. Numerous events and festivals that tickle every taste bud and appeal to all ages are organised throughout the year.

The weather is perfect for outdoor sport and leisure activities, from horse riding to swimming and diving in the blue waters, or cycling and trekking in the countryside all year round. Alternatively, one can opt for total relaxation on one of the many sandy beaches found nestling around the coast.

An all rounder destination

Malta’s strengths lie mainly in the resilience and ambition of its people, qualities that are a direct result of the chequered history that makes Malta so fascinating and unique.  For foreigners working and living in Malta, the combination of an efficient business climate, excellent infrastructure and a driven workforce, enhanced by the relaxed holiday environment in which they operate, offers a unique and magical experience.



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